History of MJCDP:
The program was founded in 1992 by Mrs. Jackie, a certified teacher with the state of  Texas.  She has enjoyed teaching with research that all children can be taught.  Mrs. Jackie has taught many students to master skills to achieve above grade level.  As Mrs. Jackie discovered the abilities of her students, teaching became a gift.  Her instructional method was so successful she implemented it with her daughter.  Mrs. Jackie believes, if the foundation is built on the right soil it can last for a lifetime. This statement is proof of genuine teaching and learning. 
She believes toddlers to teenagers should have the optimal environment to support the academic and social development.  In 2008, homeschool method was adopted to facilitate the learning abilities of each child's needs. 

The program focuses on social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics, science, technology, social studies and art to provide a well-experienced student.  Our success is unmatched by others programs.  We rewire the brain to enhance lives with great aspiration.

Fun ensures confident. 

Policy of the Program:
We have an open door policy for our parents.  

Uniforms are not required. 

Mrs. Jackie will provide educational material for your child.  

The rules of Mrs. Jackie’s Child Development Program will be followed at all times.  They will be observed daily and at all events.

Medical Records must be on file with updated information at all times.

Parents, we need you to have a complete understanding of our program.  You can never ask too many questions or have too many concerns.  You and your children are a part of us.  We cherish you for the reason God created you.

Operation of the Program:
We are dedicated to providing the finest education while remaining financially fair and inclusive to each family.  We strive to make it possible for any committed parent to afford our program for their child or children regardless of the family's financial circumstances.

Our school-age program functions totally on the tuition paid and sponsorships. The fee covers weekly instruction and material.  Spanish, American Sign Language and Piano lessons, one free shirt, snacks and some field trips are offered to full time enrollments.


"My sister has been teaching since she was two years old. She would line her dolls and stuff animals as if they were in a classroom.” (Joann)

“My twins at the age of five had different teachers. Jackie taught my daughter to read. I wished I could have placed my son in her room.” (Dee)

“She was my favorite teacher.  She always had the fun things for us to do.  I keep in touch with her today because she is always teaching me something.  Now I have a son she can teach.” (Dancey)

“I remember it like yesterday, my aunt would always read Goldilocks and the Three Bears to me.  She always asked me critical thinking questions to develop my mind." (Tijuana)

“My aunt taught me to tell time at the age of 3. Now she is teaching me about finance." (W.B.)

MJCDP is a  private academic skills program not licensed by the state. Our Program has met all state exemptions requirements.

Refer to this section when the weather is bad.

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