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Mrs. Jackie’s Child Development Program (MJCDP)



Our Tutoring Program provides academic help and tutoring services that show students step-by-step techniques to master skills in reading, math, writing, science, social studies, and test preparation. We train the brain to enhance knowledge.

Our Benefits:
We help struggling students to catch up and excel.  You will see mental and academic improvement.

MJCDP objectives are incrementally designed to build on each subject to develop students’ comfort with an understanding of mastery. We enhance specific concepts to help students interpret information, expand their vocabulary, and explore their intellectual abilities. This is why we are different from any other program.

The Facilitators guide the students to figure out new concepts on their own by following examples and developing their self-learning abilities. Students will advance and develop stronger skills with confidence that can help beyond any classroom.  Your child will have the confidence and motivation to press through challenges.

 MJCDP assignments are designed to progress in small steps to build on critical skills needed to solve problems as well as high-level thinking. Each session covers specific concepts to help students develop mental reasoning skills and improve their problem-solving techniques.

 MJCDP has special actively techniques to prepare students to take state exams like STAAR. ACT or SAT.
“We believe children should love Learning and we'll show them that learning is fun."

MJCDP Tutorial Department’s Secrets:
  1. Help students to understand basic concepts, comprehension and become confident in all subjects.
  2. Help students to master the process of being an eager independent learner.
  3. Target tough areas and skills with personalized instruction to successfully answer written or oral questions.
  4. Provide test-taking tips to increase students' confidence.
  5. Have small class sizes for personal attention.
  6. Assess the needs of students and creates a personal learning plan.
  7. Access technology to engage developmental learning experience.
  8. Have flexible scheduling.

Our Facilitators will guide, assess and encourage your child every step of the way. Our Facilitators are also there to support the parent as well – providing open communication throughout the tutoring experience with us.

How it works:
  • Placement test results help the Department determines the starting point that best ensures your child’s success.
  • The Department designs an individualized lesson plan that works best for your child.
  • As your child works through the objectives at the Program, the Facilitator offers guidance as needed.
  • The Facilitator reviews your child’s progress and change the lesson plan according to his or her needs.

Tutorial Daily Routine at MJCDP Location

Student arrives and receives his or her assignment.
Facilitator models and teaches the objective to the student.
Student independently works on the session’s assignment.
Facilitators review assignment for grading or reteaching.
Graded assignments are placed in student’s folder.
Student informs parent about assignments to work on at home.

TUTORING for Home School Students
Our Home School Tutoring Program is designed to provide quality customized skills to students across the world. Our Home School Tutoring Program provides an instant connection to students not able to attend our full time sessions at our facility.

Our Home School Tutoring Program has been able to make learning fun for students. The personalized teaching methods ensure that students reach their academic goal. Our Home School Program provides great academic service at our main location from start to finish.

We are dedicated to providing affordable education anywhere and in any subject. Students can access our service for the convenience of their home school. Our comprehensive and thorough lessons plans are used for students to master any subject with access to a live tutor. 

You may inquire about any of our 4 programs:
1.  Private School
2.  Home School
3.  Tutorial
4.  Summer